Integrity: We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. Your body composition measures are personal; hence, we created a device that provides results in a confidential manner. Unless you choose to share your information, only you will know your results. It is your journey. It should be your data. 

Passion: Passion is at the heart of our company. The combination of our decades of study, practice, and personal experiences have led to a deep appreciation of physical fitness. It is our sincere honor to use our expertise to provide services and products to help consumers live the healthiest life possible.

Research: The proprietary algorithms of the MADE system were developed through scientific investigation. Our goal is to provide our community with the most accurate portable method of body composition available, and to create a tool that is used in scientific research and clinical practice. We are tirelessly working to improve our technology and hope you will join us. Thus, we provide our users with an option to contribute their anonymous de-identified data for research purposes. These data will allow researchers to identify population trends and potential solutions to make our world healthier. Your personal health and fitness journey is never finished. Neither are we.

Education: Accurate information should guide the decisions you make regarding your health and fitness plan. We strive to deliver a usable device that teaches you about the composition of your body. You will obtain easily interpreted results from the research-quality MADE system.

Diversity: Our personal stories are all different. At MADE we believe that a diverse team will develop more creative solutions to the complicated problems we are trying to solve. Our collaborators have different experiences and areas of expertise that allow them to view the same issue through a different perspective. Whatever your race, gender, age, ethnicity, cultural heritage or nationality. We are all MADE different. Celebrate it.