Consistency is so important. As a researcher, I need to be sure that data we collect is reproducible every single time. The same person, measured under the same conditions, with the same tool, should give me the same results. In fact, how would we ever know if progress is being made if the tool we use to measure body fat or muscle mass cannot measure the same person consistently? All of the changes we see might just be due to technical error.

Total body volume is a measure of body size that is used to calculate body fat percentage, fat mass, and fat free mass either 1) as a stand-alone method by converting to body density, or 2) as a piece in a multi-compartment model that also accounts for total body water, and/or bone mass.

Because it serves as the first step in body composition testing, making sure that our measurements are consistent and reliable is key. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the test-retest reliability of total body volume (BV) estimated using the MADE app.

We tested 30 participants (21.0±3.1 years, 86.7% female) during a single visit. All of our participants were asked to stand with their feet together and arms away from their sides while each image was taken.

After the first image was taken, each person was asked to step out of the camera view, then return to the camera view and try to recreate the same stance. No differences were observed between BV1 and BV2 (71.2±12.0 L versus 71.1±11.7 L, p=0.51). In fact, to put it in perspective, these trivial differences come out to about 3 ounces. That is consistency. From one image to another, the difference we see is smaller than a deck of playing cards.

Figure 1. Test-retest reliability with body volume estimates derived from the MADE app.

After we found no differences, we wanted to see how strongly the two measures were correlated. Correlations range from -1.0 to +1.0, with values close to zero indicating no relationship. We found nearly perfect agreement between the two measures (ICC>0.99).

Figure 2. Intraclass correlation analysis between body volume estimates derived using the MADE app.

Consistency means you can count on it. It is always there. You can count on the MADE app to give you consistent accuracy, that will help you track your changes more accurately and keep you motivated. No guesswork. When used in the recommended fashion, with consistent background and clothing, MADE measurements are as reliable as measurements can be.

These results were presented at the 2020 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting. Check us out.