Correlating the MADE app with other body composition techniques is important because we want to establish that our users can directly compare their results from then app to more expensive and complicated techniques. Scientists and researchers can argue over fractions of a percentage point here and there….but in the end we are all essentially after the same question…”HOW ARE THESE MEASUREMENTS RELATED TO ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE?”

To answer this question, we recruited 18 Division-1 Female Rowing Athletes and measured their body composition and anaerobic power (explained a little more below). Fat-Free Mass measured using the MADE App (59.2􀎰􀎰±5.0 kg) was not different than the 7-site skinfold assessment (58.9±4.5 kg) or underwater weighing (58.3±4.9 kg) (p=.99 and .11, respectively).

Figure 1. Potential differences between measures of Fat-Free Mass.

Fat-Free Mass measured using the MADE App was also strongly correlated with the 7-site skinfold assessment (r=.94) and underwater weighing (r=.94). Correlations can range from -1.0 to +1.0, with values close to zero indicating a weak relationship. Values above 0.80 are described as “strong,” and other researchers describe correlations above 0.90 as “nearly perfect.”

Figure 2. Bivariate correlations between the MADE App and 7-site skinfold assessment

With such strong agreement, the MADE App was able to measure Fat-Free Mass within about 1.7 kg (SEE=1.68). What does that mean? For our female users the MADE App can measure Fat-Free Mass with “IDEAL” accuracy when compared to the other methods. Below is a chart from the 2001 “Methods Recommendations on Body Composition” from the American Society of Exercise Physiologists. Let’s see how the MADE App stacks up for female users.

Last but definitely not least, we measured Anaerobic Power with a Wingate Test. This test a 30-second “all-out” maximal effort sprint on a stationary bike, and is one of the wildest tests of athletic performance we use in the lab.

Countdown…3…2…1…GO! The athletes start pedaling as we crank up the resistance on the bikes. ALL OUT. NO STOPPING. PUSH THROUGH IT. GO GO GO. Then it’s over.

Fat-Free Mass with the MADE App, 7-Site Skinfold Assessment, and Underwater Weighing were all correlated with AVERAGE and PEAK POWER output during the test, with all correlations ranging from 0.60 to 0.65.

No differences were found when comparing the strength of the correlations between the different methods. What does this mean for you? Whether you use the MADE App, a 7-Site Skinfold Assessment, or Underwater Weighing, all the measures are equally correlated with anaerobic performance.

Deciding what technique you should use to measure body composition in you and your athletes can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. If the MADE App can measure Fat-Free Mass and Anaerobic Power with the same accuracy as the other methods, why not give it a shot?

These results are being presented at the 2020 National Strength and Conditioning Association Annual Meeting. We will post more details and a full link to then abstract when it is posted on their Conference Website.